Residential Bulky Removal/Disposal

Everything moves from order to disorder and this can be testified when you leave your spic and span apartment in the morning only to be exhausted in the evening with the rooms baring the semblance of a chicken house. We know that exact feeling which becomes worse when the garbage and clutter in your house burdens your weekend with unnecessary hustle. Junk to Clear is the absolute business antidote to your  perennial trouble as we work smartly to remove almost everything from your house and leave it lively, fresh and in a comfortable ambiance.

Customers are wowed by the well matched level of energy and enthusiasm delivered from frontline team members who conduct business with the utmost integrity. With the overwhelming demand, we will be serving you 7 days a week!

Examples of situations in which we were employed:

  • Property agents whose clients have junk to clear
  • Termite infested furnitures in old residence
  • Expats relocating overseas and have junk to clear from their residence in Singapore
  • Purchasing of new furnitures
  • Hoarders' issues
  • Having piles of  junk outside of your landed property
  • Simply wanting to remove junk from storage place
  • Condolence-wreath flowers